Our Philosophy

We believe it is our responsibility to build homes and interiors that are environmentally conscious, enhance your health and comfort as well as reduce energy use.  With our sustainable building expertise and creative solutions, we can collaboratively develop a green building or renovation program that is uniquely yours. Most importantly, we listen closely to your needs and incorporate them into a building strategy that fits your personal lifestyle and budget.

What makes a home healthy?

A healthy home is well ventilated and properly humidified.  It should also be free of toxins like dangerous gases as well as pests.  Above all, it’s a comfortable place to live.  Quality construction and ongoing maintenance can achieve these results-even in an older home.

What are the benefits of a healthy home?

  • Improved air quality means a comfortable living space.
  • Less toxic materials and building products decrease air pollution.
  • Energy efficiency often means less maintenance.
  • Improved durability and energy efficiency retains a home’s value over time.